Small Group Training:
Get Fit with
Your Friends

Perfect for Your Small Posse of 2-4 Friends Ready to Get Fit Together

Usually clients choose Small Group Training when they’re looking for:

Fun Way to Get Fit With Friends: one of the hardest parts of getting fit is sticking with your program! One of the easiest ways to overcome this is by doing it alongside a few friends together. Instead of gabbing over drinks, do it over dips, curls and squats Your time commitment will be the same, except you’ll be getting fitter instead of fatter.
Vergie Speed - Glenn Leading Stretching 3 (wide - everyone smiling) - Dec 27 2013
Great Way to Get Fit With Your Significant Other: Want to share something with your husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend? The ultimate accountability partner can be your most intimate relationship. Maybe the two of you have a beach vacation or wedding coming up. Getting fit together, both working towards the same goal is a powerful motivator!
Pick Who You Workout With: Sometimes working out in a big group (such as a bootcamp or other class) leaves you stuck working out with people you don’t really know or like. With Small Group Training you get to pick exactly who will be beside and behind you. This can be especially powerful if you and a few friends are working towards a goal together. For example, a bridal party of 4 girls getting ready for the big day. Or maybe 4 guys who all want to train for the firefighter fitness test.
Personal Attention without Personal Trainer Fees: Small Group Training offers a middle ground where you get more personal attention than a bootcamp, but offers a lower price-point than full-out personal training.

Reasons You May NOT Want Small Group Training:

has a medium price-point; you may prefer the lower price point of group training
you may prefer the privacy of a private, personal trainer
you may prefer the 100% customized, personalized programming of personal training which is typically faster for achieving goals, has a more personal level of accountability, and can be highly customized, especially if you have physical limitations

ALL Vergie Fitness Programs:

Whether you choose personal training, small group, or large group training, ALL Vergie Fitness programs give you:

trustworthy, University-educated trainers
warm-up to prevent injuries and make your session as comfortable as possible cardio training to strengthen your heart and lungs
resistance training to help you build strength and maintain healthy muscles
core training to protect your back and neck, and give you a great posture
stretching to minimize soreness after workout, protect your joints against injury, and allow for a great sense of relaxation
friendly atmosphere – no psycho beefcake trainers screaming in your face
variety of equipment: machines, body-weight, bands, medicine balls, battle ropes, bosu balls, exercise balls, sleds, spin bikes
improved balance and stability – helpful to minimize slipping and falling, especially in the winter
a great body to adventure through life – whether that’s travelling, playing with kids, playing sports, or something intense like the Tough Mudder or Spartan Race
open space – typical gyms have rows of cardio equipment and feel like a Fitness Factory – we’ve got open spaces and a personable setting

Purchase Sessions Now:

Each session is 1 hour. The more sessions you purchase at a time, the better price break you get.

20 Pack – Workouts are $40 per session per person
10 Pack – Workouts are $50 per session per person

Take Advantage of Our
“Look-Good Money-Back Guarantee”

We are SO confident you’ll get great results with us, we’re offering you our “Look-Good Money-Back Guarantee”. Specifically...

“Attend all sessions and give a respectable effort each time, and we believe someone in your life will compliment you on your improved appearance very soon.”

Disclaimer: results vary from person to person.  If you aren't happy with your results, we'll gladly refund your money.

In just a few weeks from now you’ll be seeing results. Let’s get started today!

To Your Health and Happiness,

Kelly Vergie, B.Kin. M.Ed.

P.S. Today is the first day of your new life and new body. Every day is another opportunity to turn it all around. We look forward to seeing you, and seeing the results you’re sure to get! Get started today by purchasing a package above.